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Why Dragon Boating? Imagine twenty paddlers in a sleek narrow boat. The drummer calls to take it away and instantly each paddler moves in usin. It's about the challenge. It's about being on the water with friends.
  Stimulating Membership
Growing the number of members in your dragon boat paddling club. The worldwide number of dragon boat paddlers is continually on the rise, so why is it so hard to get new members on your crew? See what some crews are doing...

  The Community Connection
Dragon Boating - the holy grail for community fundraising. Do you know who raises the most cash for charity organizations in your town? I'll bet they could double it if they got hooked up with dragon boaters...


What Dragon Boat Paddling is all about...

Welcome to Dragon-Boat.org

This is the home of a new meeting place, a community if you will, for everything related to dragon boats. Our goal is to be a one-stop-place for paddlers, organizers, marketers, vendors and all other dragon boat enthusiasts.

Over the coming months, while we wait for the 2014 dragon boating season to bein, we hope to continually add resources such as news, event listings, paddling tips, message boards and product suggestions. So please book mark us now and come check back soon.


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